Apply for a two-week Afro-European music residency in Addis Ababa

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Apply for a two-week Afro-European music residency in Addis Ababa

The EU Delegation to the African Union is calling on music artists to apply for a two week residency in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. European and African Heads of State recognize “culture as a powerful tool to build bridges between people, notably the young, and an engine for sustainable economic and social development.

“We will promote policies to support intercultural dialogue as well as emerging and innovative arts and cultural production, while promoting and preserving all art forms in their respective societies. We will support young people working in creative industries”.

This is why this year the EU Delegation to the African Union is placing Europe Day (9 May) under the theme of cultural exchange and mutual understanding. A workshop and a music residency will open possibilities for building bridges between the European and African continents.

The 2019 Africa-Europe Cultural Exchange will be the first of greater efforts to spearhead Africa-Europe collaboration in the field of Culture, Sports and Arts, notably through the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub.

Why the 9 May? In Brussels, across the EU member States and around the world, Europe Day on 9 May is the occasion to celebrate peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of 1950, when the French foreign minister Robert Schuman proposed a joint authority to oversee French and German production of coal and steel. In a large-scale public and cultural diplomacy effort, the EU institutions in Brussels open their doors to the public for celebrations and activities, while EU Delegations around the world organise activities and events throughout the month of May.

2019 Africa-Europe Musical Exchange

As part of the 2019 Europe Day celebrations the EU Delegation to the African Union will organise a two-week music residency in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The residency will bring together musicians from Europe and Africa recruited through a selection process following an open call. All eligible musicians are invited to apply.

Throughout the period of the residency, the artists will collaborate to create original musical pieces that carry a fusion of authentic sounds from the two continents. The final works of the residency (3 music tracks) will be recorded and packaged as an EP, as well as performed at a live concert in Addis Ababa during Europe Day. The concert will also be the occasion for the European and African musicians to present their respective repertoires. During the two weeks, the artists will also visit music schools in the city to give brief workshops to students.

The experience will be filmed and turned into a short documentary film. Musicians must accept to appear in this film, which will also be disseminated online.

About the Residency

The residency will host up to 6 African and 6 European musicians
A 15 day commitment will be required from end of April until the second week of May during which artists will be in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
All related costs of musicians such as accommodation, travel expenses, meals, insurance and local transport will be covered
The ownership of the finished products of the residency (e.g. the EP), including copyright and other intellectual property rights, will be vested to the EU. Artists will have the right to publicise their participation in the project.
An honorarium will be provided to the musicians.

Criteria for selection of musicians:

  • Nationals of an AU or EU Member State and currently residing in Africa or Europe
  • Previous experience collaborating with other musicians in a multicultural context
  • Experience in giving workshops about music
  • Experience in giving public performances (number of concerts, location and estimated attendance)
  • Experience with media appearances (e.g. newspaper, TV or radio interviews)
    Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee.

Apply here by Sunday February 10th!

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